Sunday, June 3, 2007

That'll be "To Go"

Yesterday was Clay's end of year pre-school picnic. Every family has to bring a contribution to the pot luck lunch and it has become our tradition to bring Popeye's chicken. A great tradition since we usually have "Buy 11 pieces, get 11 pieces free" coupons. So on our way I stop at the local Popeye's leaving the rest of the family in the proto-Canadian-like, air conditioned comfort of our Prius (which is Japanese for "why won't the stroller fit in the trunk?). I'm greated by the bespeckled teenage poultry engineer; "Hey" he says. "Hey", I say. "I'd like 22 pieces of chicken please." "Uh, Is that for 'here' or 'To Go'?" For a moment I think, I'm a big guy and I like my Popeye's; but what the hell is wrong with this kid? Then looking slightly vexed I said, "That'll be 'To Go'".

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