Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Yesterday I spoke to my mom on the phone. Happily, they're planning a trip to visit us for a week. My mom knows I'm a real fan of Apple and I talked her into buying a few shares a couple of years ago. Mom is not very savy about technology so when I excitedly tell her about Core 2 Duo processors, Adobe CS3, or OS 10.5 Leopard, I might as well be speaking Urdu. So after my obligatory, "Apple's up to $122 a shre today", she followed with her usual, "So should I sell it yet?" "No!!!" But after that she shocked my by saying, "So did you see that iPhone they're coming out with. It looks like you can watch a movie and make phone calls with it. It's like and iPod and a Phone!" Maybe there's hope yet for my folks; now if I can only convince them to get more than basic cable.

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