Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Steeler Kitty

This morning I took the boys to the doctor's office to get their second H1N1 shot. Since this was our second shot, I knew Clay was nervous about it. OK, nervous is not the right term. Maybe TOTAL FREAKOUT MODE would be more like it. He doesn't like shots; as he told me about 500 times today before during and after the shot. Drew on the other hand doesn't care. He looks at the nurse all, "Yea, c'mon, gimme your best shot. I'm not gonna give you the benefit of seeing me cry, lady. What that was it?!?! Pffft! I'm outta here!"

This must be more common that older siblings freak out more. Across from us a little girl, not more than three was waiting for her shot with her two older brothers. She got her shot with out a peep. But big brothers reacted from "That really hurt" to "OH MY GOD, I THINK THEY USED A JACKHAMMER TO PUT THAT THING IN!" The little girl looked at her brothers and at Clay and I could hear her saying to herself, "Men!" Then she looked at Drew and and probably thought, "Dude, call me when you need a prom date."

I calmed Clay down enough to get him out of the exam room without making the people in the waiting room think Civil War surgeons were back there amputating limbs off of first graders. As we passed the "sticker bin" which usually makes all things better, I noticed all that were left were pink stickers with cute kitties on them. The nurse said, "Wait, I have some dinosaur stickers here." Clay took a dino sticker and plastered it on his rugby shirt. Drew pushed the dino sticker back, took a pink sticker, slapped it right on the "7" on the front of his Ben Roethlisberger Steeler shirt, looked up at me with a smile on his face and shouted, "STEELER KITTY!" Thankfully "Steeler Kitty" was gone by the time I picked him up from pre-school. Maybe one of the girls swiped it from him.