Monday, March 10, 2008

Gilbert & Sullivan? I don't know; Third base.

This blog entry is for my friend, Ed. Ed you are the one person who I know will truly appreciate this mix of hardball and Broadway. There is a blog here in Pittsburgh called "The Burgh Blog: Pittsburgh, Only Cooler" by the anonymous "pittgirl". She is hilarious, has a great take on all things Pittsburgh and hates pigeons. Recently she posted the attached photo as part of her blog with the following comments about the forthcoming pitiful Pittsburgh Pirates season. The caption to the picture reads "Pirates hopeful Josh Wilson -- a Mt. Lebanon graduate -- goes through a sliding drill early in camp."

7. The Buccos of Suckitude continue their futile efforts in Florida. Here’s a look at some of the talent.
Skinny little legs. Poor form. JAZZ HANDS!? We’re screwed.

Here's the comment I posted to her which she thought was pretty funny:

Mt. Lebanon High School presents Josh Wilson in “The Pirates of Bradenton”. Hear Josh sing,
“I am the very model of a modern Major-Leaguer,
I’ve information the Pirates season’s looking even bleaker,
I know the mayor of Piksburgh, and I quote the fights historical
From Tampa Bay to Chicago, in order base-a-ball-ical;
I’m very well acquainted, too, with minor league affiliates,
I understand equations, I’ll probably be lucky to be with the Lynchburg Hill-i-cats,
About pinch-hitting theorem I’m teeming with a lot o’ news –
With many cheerful facts but the Buccos are still a-gonna loose

Let's Go Bucs!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The 10 Best Things About Pittsburgh: #4

#4 Pittsburghese. I grew up in Pittsburgh, but I don't think I ever uttered the word "Yinz" except in jest. I do know that I was hounded constantly by my Broadcasting Professor at Duquesne University, Frank Thornton. His favorite thing was to make me say, "There was a fire at the tire store on the South Side." After 4 yers at Duquesene and 22 years in Virginia, I dropped a lot of my Pittsburghese. I used rubber bands, drank soda, cheered for the Steelers, shopped at Giant and told people I was from Pittsburgh. But I could always pick out a Pittsburgh accent (just like I can pick out a friggin' Canadian the moment they speak) whether on TV, radio or from speaking with someone in person. Roads were slippery when wet, the weather was cloudy, and I was proud to have lost most of my accent and even was accused by my Pittsburgh friends of saying "y'all" occasionally.

But I'm back and I'm embracing Pittsburgheese again. I say "slippy", "pop", "gumband" and I even called someone a "jagoff" recently. And it's OK; it's who I am. Just as long as I don't turn into "Chipped Ham Sam"

For the those of you in Pittsburgh, here's my blog in Pittsburghese, translated from

#4 Picksburghese. I grew up in Picksburg, P-A, but I don't think I ever sed da word "Yinz" except jaggin' aroun n'at. I do know that I was bein jagged aroun by my Broadcastin Pafessor at Dew-kwez-nee University, Frankie Thornton n'at. His favorite ting was to make me say, "dere was a fahr at da tahr store on da Sahside." After 4 yers at Duquesene and 22 years dahn in Virginia, I dropped lots of my Picksburgese n'at. I used gumbands, drank pop, cheered fer da Stillers, shopped at Jahnt and told people I was from Picksburg n'at. But I could always pick aht a Picksburg accent (jest like I can pick aht a frikin' Canuck when dey tawk) whether on TV, radeeo or from tawkin' wit someone n'at. Roads wuz slippy when wet, da weather wuz clahdy, and I wuz prahd to have lost mosta my accent n'at and even was accused by my Picksburg friends of saying "y'all" ur sumptin.

But I'm back and I'm cool wit Picksburgese again n'at. I say "slippy", "pop", "gumband" and I even called some jagoff a "jagoff" recently n'at. And it's Oakel-Doakel; it's who ahz n'at. jest as long as I don't turn inta "Chipped Ham Sam" er sumptin.