Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven years later

I always feel strange on this day. This year it sneaked up on me. I didn't think about it until last night at Clay's baseball game. I'm still angry about what happened and I'll never forget the smell as I looked at the Pentagon burning from the parking lot.

One story I'll always remember is how one of my co-workers, Robin, and her husband, organized a group to get drinks and sandwiches to the kids who were at the Pentagon's day care center. With everything else going on that day, the kids could have been so easily overlooked. At times, I feel bad that I was safe at home in front of my TV by 11:30 that morning while she and others were still there helping. Maybe she did this because she had kids or because it was just in her nature. Either way, when I think of today, the only memory that makes me feel good is that of her and others thinking of those kids.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Five, and I Approved This Message

I can tell that there are way too many political commercials on TV and radio lately. Clay's been asking "Daddy? Who are you rooting for; John McCain or Barack Obama?" I said I'm not rooting for anyone, I'm trying to decide who I'm going to vote for for President of our country. It's a very important decision. "Oh, so who is mamma rooting for?"

The other day we were driving around and an Obama commercial came on the radio. Drew immediately started saying "Bwaak Abama, Bwaak Abama!" Clay immediately replies with, "I'm John McCain and I approved this message". This goes on for four or five minutes until I scream "Enough!" A few minutes later Drew says, "Jah McCaay, Daddy, Jah McCaaaaaay!" Clay starts with "Bah-Rock-O-Bama! Bah-Rock-O-Bama!" Ah, the fickle nature of American politics. I'll be so glad when November gets here.

Here We Go Steelers!

The flat panel HDTV is warming up, the Terrible Towel is hanging over the fireplace, the nachos are in the oven and the beer is cold. It's Sunday in Pittsburgh! It's our first Steeler game in our new house since the move. Here we go Steelers, Here we go!