Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ol' Yeller

Well as you may have read in Nancy's blog, I had some visitors the other day; three nuns and a priest. I do some freelance work for the diocese and they needed to ask me a few questions. After offering them some beverages and making them comfortable in the recently cleaned family room, the boys begin to entertain them. Drew just coos and smiles and laughs; what a 9 month old does best. Clay politely introduces himself to everyone. Just when I think, "Wow, things are going great; the usual chaos of the day (screaming babies, throwing toys, choruses of Why?'s, No!'s, and Why not!'s and innumerable counting to 3's) has subsided. Just then Clay cheerfully pipes up, "My daddy yells at me!" Then a brief moment of silence. Great.

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