Monday, July 16, 2007

The Big Wrench

Last Saturday night my brother's family drove out to the monthly "Star Party" at Sky Meadows State Park. It's a beautiful drive and it's very dark out there. Amateur astronomers bring their telescopes out and allow the public to view the sky through them. Some of these scopes are hand made and cost thousands of dollars. Clay was a little bored standing in line at each of the scopes, but he seemed to really like looking into them when it was finally our turn. An astronomer was giving a talk to a group of people talking about what could be seen with the naked eye, so we stopped and listened for a while. He began pointing out the Big Dipper and telling us all about it. I pointed it out to Clay and said, "Clay do you see those stars? That's the Big Dipper". "Daddy, what's a dipper?" I said, "It's like a big spoon." "No" he said. "A spoon would have another star in it. I think that looks like the Big Wrench!" I guess we'll have to keep an eye out for the other constellations; the Race Car, the Slip-N-Slide and the Chicken McNugget.

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