Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pants 'n'at

Drew has really enlarged his vocabulary the last few weeks. Unfortunately, for the last few days, he's concentrated on a few that I wish he wouldn't. Today, he held court in the back of the van; a toddler Shecky Green; the pre-K George Carlin; a diaper-wearing Dane Cook. His routine is simple. He likes to stick with the classics.

"Mr. Stinkerpants!" then he laughs uncontrollably. "Poopie pants!" He laughs. Clay laughs. He has won over his audience. "Poopie poopie". The two little goofballs are rolling on the floor (*they're safely in their government mandated child safety seats and not really ROTFL-ing). He makes his big finish, "Hello Mr. Stinker-Poopie pants!" Finally, I've had enough.

"Alright, alright. Drew, knock it off!" Nancy says, "Just ignore him. Clay stop laughing at him". Drew tries a few encore "Poopie pants", but fails to get the ovation he wanted. Finally, thankfully, we sit quietly listening to Christmas music when Clay says, "Well, at least now he knows how to say the word pants".

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