Monday, May 5, 2008


I've really got to keep up with this blog. It's been a long time since I've updated. So many things have happened. We found a Sonic Drive-In about 20 miles away. I love the drinks at Sonic, especially the diet cherry limeade. On Sunday we went to Pittsburgh Mills, the mega-mall north of Pittsburgh. Why? Because that's where the Sonic is! My only other times I get to go to Sonic is at the Outer Banks. I'd drive to the Nags Head Sonic every day at 2PM to get the Happy Hour half price drink. It's always the diet cherry limeade. There are supposed to be 15 Sonics in Pittsburgh by 2010. I'm praying for one within walking distance.

Clay has been playing Soccer and T-Ball. Soccer isn't going so well, but he looks good in the uniform. By the way did you know I'm the assistant coach. Me. Mr. "I don't know anything about soccer and don't particularly like it." So I stand there and shout encouraging things like "Good Job!" and "No Hands!" and "Stop Crying!" and occasionally getting hit in the nuts with a soccer ball by an over zealous 5 year old. Plus I have one player whose greatest joy seems to be running behind me and punching me in the ass all morning. Thanks for volunteering me, Honey!

T-Ball is looking better. Clay is already batting from both sides of the plate. I think the other dads think I'm nuts because I keep saying things like, "You know, Clay can bat lefty this time" or "This might be a good time for him to bat righty". Since it's T-Ball and there is no pitcher, maybe I'm worrying about this too much. And at least I know more about baseball so I can shout more encouraging things like, "Good Job!", "Keep Your Eye On the Ball!", and "Stop Crying!"

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