Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chuck, Next Door

Tonight has been a beautiful night, and like most evenings, we find ourselves outside enjoying the back yard and chatting with neighbors. Our neighbors on one side are a very nice Indian family with a little boy Drew's age. He was out cutting his grass and we talked about gardening and the deer and rabbit problem. We also discovered we have the same exact lawn mower. He's a very nice guy.

Here's the only problem. He and his wife introduced themselves a couple of months ago but I didn't really catch their names. I thought I'd be smart and look them up on the county real estate site and get his name that way, rather than sounding like the dope who can't remember or pronounce his name. No luck. It's like Mushtarhawlapindi Dannymurthaughrockingchair. And I'm not sure which one is his first name and which one is his last. So I've decided to call him "Chuck".

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