Thursday, February 14, 2008

The 10 Best Things About Pittsburgh: #6

#6: Traffic. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. After 22 years in Northern Virginia and dealing with the Beltway, I-66, and I-95, Maybe I'm jaded. What we have here in Pittsburgh is not traffic. Sure there is the occasional back-up, accident and road closure, but the people around here have no idea what traffic is.

We recently signed Drew up for a new pre-school about 10 miles away. It looks like a great place and we enjoyed our tour. Nancy seemed a little hesitant. She told me that she thought that the 10 mile ride and 20 minute trip might be a bit long; that maybe we should look a little closer. God bless her; how soon we forget.

In Virginia, our preschool, Annandale Co-op, was only 4 miles away. It took 35 minutes to get there on a good day; an hour or more on a bad day. Good thing it was the best preschool east of the Rockies. It was worth the traffic to get Clay there.

So now we smile to ourselves as we hear people talk about the terrible traffic on "McNightmare Road" (McKnight Road); or the traffic reports about traffic backed up ALL THE WAY ACROSS one of the many bridges, Delays might be upwards of 5 minutes!

To be fair, Nancy is the one who drives every day, not me, but I think we'd take rush hour across the Fort Duquesne Bridge over I-95 South on a Saturday morning any day.

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