Sunday, October 12, 2008


In Pittsburgh, we love our fireworks. Just last week there was a building shaking display in downtown for Pittsburgh's 250 birthday. This week in our community, there were fireworks because, well, we're really not sure, but any excuse for fireworks and we're there. So last night we pack up the boys and our neighbor, grab some snacks, and set out for the big display. As we approach the launch site, I notice a distinct lack of activity. I mean there is no one there. No cars, no people, no band, no nothing.

Then we see a sign, telling us that we're 24 hours early. S#@^!!! Who has fireworks on a Sunday night?!? I guess we do. So fast forward 24 hours later; we pack up the kids again and thankfully, today there were fireworks. Not like the "shock and awe" of Pittsburgh 250, but a really nice 20 minute local fireworks display. I enjoyed it, Nancy enjoyed it, our two year old on my shoulders enjoyed it. Our five year old and his buddy enjoyed running around in the dark screaming "Happy Birthday America!" hardly casting a glance at the sky. But I guess they enjoyed it too.

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